9 - Writing a Series of Paragraphs Expressing an Opinion


Lesson 4:
The Final Steps


Your last task is to open a word processor where you will create a series of paragraphs expressing an opinion. Submit your final product to 9.4 Opinion Paragraphs Dropbox. Be sure to copy and paste the Guided Instructions listed below into your word processor for easy reference.




Activity Section


Here are the specifics...



Write a series of paragraphs (a minimum of three) expressing an opinion on the topic below.  Develop your main idea with supporting details (proof, facts, examples, etc).

Purpose and audience

An adult who is interested in finding out your opinion.


Should school run year-round?


The lined space provided for your work indicates the approximate length of the writing expected.  (In this case, try to fill 2 pages, double-spaced, size 12 font)



Guided Instruction on those last few steps


Donít forget about

  1. Making a table of pros and cons based on the Topic you see above. You can do this using a pen and paper or open a word-processing program. Create a topic statement for each (hint: use words from the question). Your table should look like this:
Yes:  School should be held all year. No:   School should not be held all year.






  1. When your chart is complete. It's important to spend a minute or two reviewing what you've created to make sure that you are on topic. Compare what you've written to the topic assigned in the instructions. Are all your points on topic? Remember that this was a weakness with Example B from the previous lesson.
  2. Now that you have created arguments for both sides of the topic, it's time to choose a side and create a series of opinion paragraphs.
  3. Choose which side you want to argue based on the chart you created. Choose your strongest point. That will form your body paragraph.
  4. Before you submit your work, look over the following checklist.


Have I:
  • Counted the paragraphs and made sure there are three?
  • Identified the topic sentence (underline if you have to)?
  • Found the topic sentence for each paragraph?
  • Used examples or facts in the body paragraph?
  • Restated my main idea in the conclusion?
  • Checked to make sure Iím not missing any words or havenít spelled anything wrong?


Submit your final product to 9.4 Opinion Paragraphs Dropbox.





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