8 - News Report


Lesson 5:
Organizing Your News Report

The Inverted Pyramid

  • The structure of a newspaper article is sometimes called an inverted pyramid.
  • Journalists present the most important event first and then follow with events and details diminishing in importance.  For the OSSLT, you should organize your news article by the 5 W's and 1 H
    • Who,
    • What,
    • Where,
    • When,
    • Why &
    • How



Activity Section



Letís Practice by analyzing the structure of a news report.

Read the following news report and do the quiz titled, 8.5 Teen Crusader Turns to Writing.


Teen Crusader turns to writing

Print this if you wish.

by Amber Rider
Calgary Herald

Craig Kielburger, the Toronto teen who became a much publicized crusader against child labour, has now taken on the role of author.

His book - Free the Children - is to be released today. It tells the stories of children he's encountered working in sweatshop conditions.

"I wanted to give something back to all the children who have inspired me by telling their stories in this book," said Kielburger, who was in Calgary Friday on a promotional tour.

All proceeds from the book are being used to fund projects established by Free The Children, also the name of his foundation.

The aim of the book is to also encourage people, both young and old, to get educated and active about the reality of international child labour, Kielburger said.

"I hope this book inspires people because the stories of the children, their hopes and their dreams, inspired me so much."

Kielburger was inspired in 1995 by reading about Iqbal Mahish, a 12 year old Pakistani activist who was murdered for telling the world his experiences as a carpet weaver.


Your Turn

Do the quiz titled, 8.5 Teen Crusader Turns to Writing.





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