8 - News Report


Lesson 4:
Writing in Past Tense

  • News reporters write in the past tense.
  • Since the events in the paper have already happened, they cannot write them in the present or future tense.


Activity Section



Robert Latimer's long-running legal saga took a dramatic turn Monday when a judge set aside the law and handed him a sentence of two years less a day for killing his disabled daughter.

  • The past tense shows an action or condition that began and ended at a given time in the past.
  • Often, words in the past tense end in "-ed" For example, "something happened."
  • News articles are usually written in the past tense because they are reporting on an event that took place before the article was written.


Your Turn

Practice re-writing sentences in the past tense by completing the quiz titled, 8.4 Past Tense.




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