8 - News Report


Lesson 3: Choosing the Most Logical Event

News Reports Are About An Event

  • A news report must focus on one EVENT, which logically connects to the picture and headline.
  • On the OSSLT, you will be given a picture and a headline and you must write an organized news report, which is relevant to the information given.


The most important words in the above instructions are:

  • Focus
  • Event
  • Logically connects to picture and headline


Activity Section


Here is an example.

You are shown the following picture and headline:


A Boy's Best Friend



Now…which is the more logical event to base your made-up news report?

  1. The park is a great place for a boy and his dog to play.
  2. It was a tearful goodbye for Daniel Smith when Rover was returned to his rightful owners.


B. is the more logical choice for a couple of reasons:

  • The boy appears sad or upset
  • Choice A isn’t about an event



Your Turn

Try your hand at being logical by going completing the quiz titled, 8.3 Choosing the Most Logical Event.




Now go to 8.4 Writing in the Past Tense