8 - News Report


Lesson 2:
Understanding the Facts

  • News reporters do not tell stories - they report facts and information.
  • Narratives tell stories.
  • When writing a narrative, there is a lot more freedom to tell the story however you wish.
  • When writing a news report for the OSSLT, you need to provide FACTS about an event in an OBJECTIVE way.



Activity Section





All of the students struggled with their own private fears as they prepared to enter the classroom to write the OSSLT.





Factual News Report

Students across the country wrote the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test yesterday.



A Narrative Can:

  • Be subjective, personal
  • Use first person (I, me, mine, my, we)
  • Be creative, fanciful, use dialogue
  • Tell a story

But a News Report must:

  • Always be objective, detached
  • Only use third person (he, she, it, their)
  • Use fact, statistics, eye witness accounts
  • Provide information about an event



Your Turn to be Factual!

Now do the 8.2 Narrative Quiz.




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