8 - News Report



Throughout this section, you will complete activities designed to help you write a successful news report on the OSSLT.


A news report is an objective and factual report about an event.


OBJECTIVE means that it does not express your personal opinions
FACTUAL means that it includes all of the facts of the event
EVENT is the reason you are writing the news report



A news report also follows a formula that is known as the “Inverted Pyramid.”


A news report begins with the most important information:

Who does What...When...Where...Why & How

Then additional (less important) details

are added. These details provide

extra information that could

be deleted from

the story if



Why is it organized this way?

Editors often have to shorten articles at the last minute and it is easiest for them to cut from the bottom without losing any necessary information.



Now let’s take a closer look at what we mean by being objective.






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