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Lesson 5
Closing Sentence


Some questions will ask you to choose a sentence to finish a paragraph.  You need to read the passage carefully and decide what the main idea (or topic) of the paragraph is.  This will help you choose a closing sentence.


When you are reading the paragraph, it might help you to think about the strategies you learned during earlier lessons.

If you need to use a highlighter or take a note on your page, go ahead! This will help you remember what you were thinking if you have to come back to the question later.



Here is a sample paragraph.  Think about the main idea:


When the Dionne Quintuplets were born in Corbeil, Ontario, in 1934, most people did not believe they would survive.  Two local women delivered the first three babies and a doctor arrived only in time to deliver the last two.  These five identical girls each weighed less than three pounds and had to be kept alive in a basket on the open door of the family’s stove.  They were fed sugar water because their mother was too weak to nurse them.


Now look at the multiple choice options below.  Which would be the best closing sentence:


  1. The Quintuplets filmed several movies  when they were young girls.
  2. The incubators that arrived later kept them warm.
  3. Despite the odds, all five girls survived.
  4. The odds of having identical quintuplets is one in 60 billion.


Which sentence is the best closing?  Notice how all the points are about the difficulties the girls faced?  Therefore, the best closing sentence would be C, because it tells you the result of facing these difficulties.  While the other sentences contain information about the girls, they do not close out the paragraph.


Activity Section

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