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Lesson 4
Combining Sentences


Sometimes a question will ask you to fit information from smaller sentences into one larger sentence.  You might need to make notes on the page to keep track of the information.


These questions can be tricky because there are answers that are partly correct but only one answer that is the BEST or MOST CORRECT. It's important to take your time and read carefully to make sure you choose the best answer.



For example, look at these three sentences:


Paul stayed up all night studying.

He had an exam the next day.

He fell asleep during his math exam.


Notice that there are three separate pieces of information: Paul staying up all night, having an exam the next day, and falling asleep during the exam.


If you had to choose which sentence combined all this information, make sure that every piece is in the answer.  Take a look at this:


Paul stayed up all night because he had an exam.

Notice how there is no information about his falling asleep?  This answer is not completely correct. 


Now look at this:

Paul fell asleep during his math exam because he stayed up all night.


While this answer has two pieces of information in it, it doesn’t tell that you the reason Paul was up all night was because he was studying.


Look at this answer:

Paul fell asleep during his math exam because he was up all night studying.


This answer contains all the information.  This is most correct.


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