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Lesson 3


Some questions may ask you about punctuation.


On this type of question, there is only one correct answer.


Remember that whenever there is a question, the sentence should end in a question mark. If the sentence expresses surprise or alarm, it should end in an exclamation point. If the sentence is a general comment, it should end in a period.




On the OSSLT, look at the sentences and think about how you would say them aloud.  You can usually hear how a sentence is punctuated.


Letís try one:

Here is a sentence with no punctuation.  Think about how it should be punctuated:

 Do you know what time the movie starts

This sentence is a question, so it should end with a question mark:

Do you know what time the movie starts?


Hereís another:

Look out for the falling piano


This sentence shows alarm Ė you wouldnít want to be crushed by a falling piano!  It should end with an exclamation point:

Look out for the falling piano!


Letís try one more:

Jovan has played soccer for three years


There is no question here and the sentence isnít an alarm, so it should use a period:

Jovan has played soccer for three years.


Activity Section

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