3 - Multiple Choice Questions


Lesson 2:
Independent Practice



Read “Young Artists” and answer the multiple-choice questions that follow the story.

Don’t forget about those S.M.A.R.T. reading strategies:

  • Summarize as you read
  • Make Inferences & Connections
  • Ask questions
  • Reread if necessary
  • Think about what you already know


And those four steps to answering multiple-choice:

Step 1: Read the whole question and highlight key words.

Step 2: Try to answer the question without looking at the choices.

Step 3: Read all of the choices and eliminate the ones you know are wrong.

Step 4: Look at the remaining answers and make a choice.



Young Artists

      Some young artists in New Mexico are learning the art taught to them by their relatives.  Along with about fifty other young people, they display and sell their art each year at the traditional Spanish Market in Santa Fe.


      At a young age, Daniel and Eleazar Martinez began helping their mother count rows of yarn on her loom.  Then the boys learned to colour the hand-spun yarns with dyes made from plants.  Now the boys spend hours every day at their homes in Chimayo, weaving their own small pieces.  They use the striped designs that have been part of the Rio Grande weaving style for over 400 years.


      In Santa Fe, Marcial Rodriguez makes small, geometric designs with tiny pieces of straw, just the way his grandparents have done for over 60 years.  He cuts the pieces of black, white, and natural-coloured straw to exact lengths.  Then he lays them side by side in a small wood frame to form triangles, lines, and squares.  Marcial’s designs mainly come from his own imagination, but sometimes he gets an idea from stories that his grandfather tells him.





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