3 - Multiple Choice Questions



What is a multiple choice question?


It is a question that lists possible answers and asks you to make a choice and select the correct one.


Many students like multiple choice questions because they think multiple-choice questions are the easiest to answer. After all, the answer is right there on the page, so how hard can it be?


You may be surprised to find out just how hard multiple choice questions can really be. You know that the correct answer is there, but all of your choices may sound correct. This is one of the things that make multiple-choice questions difficult to answer.


How can you be sure of selecting the correct answer?  After you have read the assigned passage using those S.M.A.R.T. reading strategies from Workshop 1, follows these four easy steps:


Step 1: Read the whole question and highlight key words.
Step 2: Try to answer the question without looking at the choices.
Step 3: Read all of the choices and eliminate the ones you know are wrong.
Step 4: Look at the remaining answers and make a choice.






Go to 3.1 Guided Practice  in the table of contents for an activity on answering multiple-choice questions.