Welcome to the After Hours Literacy Workshops


Lesson 1
The EQAO Website

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is created by the Education Quality and Accountability Office - also known as EQAO. 


EQAO has a website that posts support materials for students and parents.




 The Website provides the following resources: 
  • Getting Ready Guide
  • Sample Test with Student Answer Sheet
  • Framework
  • Planning and Preparation Guide
  • Video: Teens Talk About Learning and Literacy
  • OSSLT Curriculum Connections




Activity Section

Take no more than 10 minutes to quickly surf their website http://www.eqao.com/Students/Secondary/10/10.aspx?Lang=E&gr=10&Aud=Students&App=Students. You want to just get a sense of what is there for future reference.



When you return, go to 0.1 - EQAO Website Discussion and respond to the following question: “Imagine that one of your friends asked you about the EQAO Website and whether or not she or he should check it out.  What would you tell them to do?”


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