Welcome to the After Hours Literacy Workshops




This program offers you an opportunity to practice for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.


You will be taken through activities for each of the tasks on the OSSLT:


1 Reading Strategies
2 Question-Answer Relationship
3 Answering Multiple-Choice Questions
4 Reading Graphic Text
5 Reviewing the Mechanics of Writing
6 Writing Information Paragraphs
7 Summary Paragraph
8 Writing a News Report
9 Opinion Paragraphs


It is important to review what the OSSLT is.


Lesson 1 in this unit will take you to a Website that gives you information about the OSSLT.


Lesson 2 will ask you to set a goal for yourself before you begin the practice activities set out in Workshops 2 to 6.




Go to 1. EQAO Site in the table of contents.